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Ruthe's Secret Roses - by Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruthe's Secret Roses

My Summary Thoughts on
Study of Angel Encounters

What have I learned from our study of the encounters with angels in the Bible?

I found no cute chubby cherubs with flowers in their hair. They seem to be asexual but most often appeared as a tall, strong man, dressed in dazzling white robes, or the ordinary clothes of another human.

They were message-bearers, delivering announcements and helpful information which the human individuals had to carry out. Sometimes they were rescuers, and helped individuals to escape sure death. In Revelation they were tour guides and also the ones who cast God's judgements down on the earth. More than once, the angel in the encounter turned out to be Jesus. In some instances that was before He was ever born on earth as a Baby. It is reassuring to know He was active and present here often throughout the existance of the earth He created!

I do not know if every time someone gets unexpected help from a stranger, who seems to vanish quickly, that they encountered an angel. It is quite possible. It is also possible that God sends His own children, those who have trusted Christ's finished work on the cross to save them, and who have become adopted into God's family through Jesus' name, to assist those who are in a crisis. I did see in this study that those who met up with an angel generally were frighted enough to fall on their faces. They have great power. Because they come in obedience to God's commands, they also show forceful authority.

Angels do not want to be worshipped. Except for Satan, they deflect all worship to God. So personally, I don't seek out angel experiences. Rather, I focus on my daily, spiritual walk and talk with the Lord Jesus. If He thinks I need an angel - He'll send one to do His bidding.

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