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Stories of Modern Angel Encounters

The Angel and the MAC Machine
A heart-broken woman at the airport cannot cash her mother's check to fly home, but a man steps in to provide cash in a miraculous way.

Angel in Rags
A Christmas story of angels, and a gift of a rag angel from one who met them often."

Angel in the Middle of Nowhere
A black gentlemen appeared out of nowhere to help Randy, the writer's husband, when he had an early morning accident.

Angel on a Train
An American military wife and mother is assisted by a stranger who appears and reappears several times, getting her and her children to the train station and off the wrong train, to the right one.

Angel on the Phone
A woman's death is prevented by a strange phone call that sent her to help a friend, and took her out of harm's way.

Angel on the Right Path
A woman driving to work in bad weather suddenly finds her car sliding off the road and into oncoming trafifc, but an angel instantly puts her back where she should be.

Angel Smiles
Joe describes the very unique smiles he has seen today, which he reckons to be from angels.

Dialysis Patient Cared for By Two Angels
His wife came home discouraged and prayed that the Holy Spirit would minister to her husband in the hospital. He did!

The Disappearing Doctor
A doctor calls, changing the appointment for this mother and her six-year old son, with a child pschologist, but in a place the hospital receptionist insists is a storage closet!

Dog Delays
A beautiful dog at a convenience store stop tries to delay a van full of people - later they were very glad of the delay.

Filling Station
A touching Christmas Eve story of a service station owner, who doesn't think he'll celebrate Christmas, but ends up doing so after all as he helps various needy individuals.

Grip of Anger
Leonard Day visits Frances, a bitter, lonely woman in the hospital who is dying, but has talked of seeing angels. He helps her to see that they really do exist, and that God loves her.

The Hand of God
The story of Karl, who knew he was dying and wanted to learn about angels, and invited Leonard Day to his home and to be present when he died.

Highway Hero A trucker stops to help a seminar speaker with a blown tire, but afterward she can't trace him to thank him.

Invisible Hands A surprising experience of being caught in a serious fall, by invisible hands that set Darcy gently down feet first..

Katie's Guardian Angel A father accidently drives over his two-year old daughter, and how she is miraculously preserved from harm.

Lost Wallet Recovered The author describes two instances when she saw angels, one when her wallet was stolen in Amsterdam, Holland, and another at her bedside.

The Message - A widower is comforted about his wife by the strange words of a woman in church.

Touched by the Hand of an Angel - After a long day and driving late, Carol Crocker falls asleep at the wheel, but a hand on her shoulder wakes her in time to avoid a terrible accident.

Angel In Coveralls? - Connie tells of a woman in white coveralls, who intervened and gave directions when she and her friend were lost.

Why I Believe in Angels - Losing her mother as a child, this woman grew up very close to the Lord Jesus, but as she prepared for marriage, she met her mother in a dream and was assured that she was always with her.

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