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Stories of Healing Miracles

Many stories have come to our attention, of healing miracles. Sometimes angels are involved, and sometimes it is God's Word, the Bible, and other times, it is the kindness or actions of one who believes in God, and is filled with the power of His Spirit. This person then acts in obedience to the prompts of that precious Holy Spirit.

We all love to hear such stories and watch for clues as to how we might be healed too - for don't we all need a healing of one kind or another?

As we collect more such stories, you will find them in this index page;

Against All Odds - A mother's stories of many miraculous times when angels have protected her son, Jason.

A Healing - A six-year-old boy with St. Louis Encephalitis sees lights and angels in the hospital.

Angel on the Window Sill - An angry and hostile patient who was dying saw an angel and was transformed - even two nurses saw the angel on the window sill.

Country Doctor - From an old journal of a doctor, a story of a miraculous phone call to help someone at an address where a man stood with a gun and refused to pay - but did allow the doctor to help his bleeding wife.

Invisible Hands- A short story of a seventh grader who was intercepted in a fall that was sure to break her neck, by invisible hands.

A Mysterious Car Ride - A woman tells how she prayed when driving lost and distraught; suddenly she found herself back where she should be.

The Night I Died - Connie tells of when she was 7, and sick with mumps and measles, she knew she was dying, and did- but she decided to return.

A Visitation of Angels - A woman recovering from surgery is visited several times by a group of angels that massage and comfort her, and heal her so that her next surgery to remove cancerous organs is not necessary.

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