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This site offers stories and articles about angels, miracles, and resources to learn more about things heavenly, and hopefully to clear up a dazed feeling with some Biblical facts.

Since 2009, this has been a memorial page for my very first Internet Friend, Connie Lepovsky. I have not deleted the memorial information that was here; I've simply moved it to another page, and decided to start using this site as my own. It may take a while to get things moving, but it is time to begin. If you are looking for the information about Connie, it is now here on THIS PAGE:Connie Lepovosky.

I know Connie would approve. In fact, she would have been scolding me for some time already for holding off.

Exciting Things to Share with You

From 2007 to 2017 I was mostly focused on my mission work with Western Tract Mission, which became Impact Canada Ministries in 2014. In 2015 some big changes came to that mission, but I had committed to writing a history book about the mission, right from it's start in 1941 to the then present (2017). That project absorbed my time for two years! But I got it done. Praise God!

I spent another year getting the mission's photos sorted into albums (4 jumbo ones, and one huge digital one!) so the mission would have a photographic record of the past.

In 2018 I began to work on my own online businesses again, and that has gradually picked up some momentum. In 2019 I completed an idea I'd had way back before 2007 - but I had not known then how to create it. Now I knew how!

I put together an interactive game and quiz to help people who are new to online businesses, and though they are curious - they don't know whom to trust or what to expect. You get to explore seven such businesses with a guide of your choice (out of 8). Then to test whether you understood what you saw and read, you answer 4 quiz questions. If you get at least half of them correct, plus, sign up for one business and one tool/business you win as a prize, my e-book, 40 Online Business Ideas. If you read and study that, and check out the links you are bound to get a fairly good starting knowledge of the online business world and to see where you could step in and join.

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