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Ruthe's Secret Roses - by Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruthe's Secret Roses

When You Meet a Bad Angel

Since Satan is a fallen angel, we could look at the time when Jesus was tempted in the desert for observations about angels, by focusing on Satan in that instance. I prefer not to dwell on him, but...

Quickly, we can see that he still has the ability to know the Scriptures quite well, and he has the power to whisk Jesus up to a high point on the temple in Jerusalem, and also to a mountain top to see all the world and all of history at once.

We would like to think we never get visits from such bad angels. But it can happen to us as well. Jesus was tempted so He would know what it is like to be us, and to show us how to respond to such winsome, tempting thoughts. Such as; providing for our own physical needs, or doing something to gain attention and popularity, or for that matter, worshiping Satan and the worldly trappings he can deliver.

These three temptations are essentially the three types of temptations we will ever face.

When we encounter Satan or one of his demons, (also fallen angels, that is, one-time angels that rebelled in Heaven), here's what we are to do - according to Jesus Christ's example; tell them what God's Word says, and cling to that. Believe it and obey it. This implies that it is crucial for us to know what God's Word says. If we don't, we have no argument to stand on.

Consider in what ways and situations Satan subtly tempts you to seek your own comforts and needs fulfillment. Ways that are contrary to God's Word. Find the appropriate answer in the Bible, and memorize the verse you need to throw back at Satan next time he tempts you to look out for # 1.

Do the same for the temptation to show off and draw attention to yourself, to gain popularity, or to impress people. Things of pride.

Do it again for the third temptation. The one where you look to Satan to supply you with all you desire and need, If you honour him, and the possessions he can cause tocome your way, you are making Satan your god, and worship him instead of the One True God.

Now you have your supply of retorts or answers ready. You can make short work of any temptation that comes!

Another lesson we learn from this story in the Bible is that when we successfully refuse temptation based on God's Word, good angels will show up with come comfort and attention, just as they did for Jesus. This whole story is provided for our encouragement and instruction.

Jesus resisting the Tempter - a fallen angel

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