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Ruthe's Secret Roses - by Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruthe's Secret Roses

A Visitation of Angels

by O. Mona Tolin

On August 10, 1994, I had a visitation of angels. I was in FHP Hospital in Fountain Valley, California. The surgeon did an emergency colostomy and told me I had a tumor in the colon and cancer of the colon. He would resection the colon in about three weeks. That was pretty heavy information coming out of anesthetic.

Around midnight I awoke to see a room full of about thirty "people". They were tall and slender with long blond hair, wearing sort of white/gold robes and I only saw to about their waist. I didn't remember seeing facial features, only large beautiful eyes looking at me. They were moving around and I started talking to them.

My friend Lidia came into the room. "I am so glad you're here, Lidia, I want to introduce you to all of these people."

Then I fell asleep. The next night about the same time I awoke to see the same "people", but fewer of them, standing around my bed and "talking to me."

I did not hear voices but rather knew what they were saying.They told me they were angels and that I would be alright. Again they were caressing my body, stroking my forehead, arms, legs and abdomen with intense warmth. I did not feel frightened, but as if I were bathed in a warm, loving blanket.

I talked to them but do not remember what I said. The nurse came into my room asking if I needed anything. When she turned on the light, no one was there. The third night only a few came, maybe ten or twelve, and did the same things and told me I was loved and would be alright. I went right back to sleep.

I told one of my doctors about the visitation and he explained that medically I had had a "patient visitation hallucination". I told him I did not want his scientific explanation. I knew what I saw and heard. He patted my head and said, "I know. My brother had the same experience."

Three weeks later, on September 6, I had the second surgery, which was to be the cancer surgery, to remove the tumor and also a hysterectomy. I came to in the recovery room with the surgeon standing at the foot of my bed saying over and over, "Mrs. Tolin, no cancer. No cancer. No cancer!"

I could only answer, "I know." I did not tell the surgeon the angels healed me, but I told my family and friends; however, the angels did not visit me that night so I could talk to them and thank them. I felt a sense of loss. I knew they were busy with someone else and I did not need their presence any more. I was healed.

On October 28th I had the third and final surgery to reverse the colostomy. I knew I would not see my angels again. My recovery has been speedy and mostly pain free. If my body could keep up with my mind, I would be off and running.

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