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Ruthe's Secret Roses - by Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruthe's Secret Roses

Mysterious Car Ride

by Fran McGuillan

I'm not one who can drive a car . . . I almost became another person, terrified of traffic, with no sense of direction. I became numb and helpless.

I had a job where I traveled extensively and I had to drive as well. I was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and had to visit a client in Sheboygan. I rented a car, got specific instructions and got to my destination safely.

Upon returning to Milwaukee later in the day, I got hopelessly lost. I found myself surrounded by corn fields on a dirt road, completely deserted, without a house in sight. I stopped the car.

The silence was horrible and I began to cry. I was terrified. I began to pray, "God, help me. Get me back and I'll never drive again!" I swear I don't know how, but the next thing I remember is pulling into the hotel garage. All I felt was shock and a tremendous sense of relief. I kept thinking over and over that the very last thing I remember was having my head down on the wheel, crying uncontrollably, and calling on God for help. To this day I still don't know how I got back. Maybe there was an intervention, but there wasn't any fanfare -- no lights, no voices or touches -- just one minute in the fields and the next safely at the hotel. I have never driven since, but I've never had a problem because of it.

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