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Ruthe's Secret Roses - by Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruthe's Secret Roses

Angel on a Window Sill

by Sister Elias Eileen Freeman

Marina K., a nursing instructor in a large teaching hospital, tells this unusual story of angelic healing. A terminally ill patient, full of hostility and anger, had recently been admitted. Her bitterness and hostility had driven her to the point of throwing things at the nurses and aides.

But one night, as she lay in bed, full of pain and anger, an angel appeared to her and healed her, not of her illness, but of her bitterness and rage. Her spirit was transformed and she experienced peace and joy.

She called the night nurse, and begged her to get Marina and another nurse, who had both tried to help her before. When they came running in, she explained how she had been visited by an angel, who had taken away her fear and anger at dying.

"I could see the change in her at once," Marina said. "But an angel? I knew she had been receiving a lot of medication for the pain, and I assumed she had been hallucinating."

Then the patient said, as if reading her thought, "The angel told me he would come back, just so you could see for yourselves."

She pointed to the east window, and Marina and her friend both saw the angel sitting on the window sill, a being whose beauty, gentleness and peace filled them with wonder and amazement. Then, quietly, the angel disappeared.

The patient died that night, at peace with herself and her destiny, thanks to the healing of the angel who had come to mend her broken spirit.

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