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Ruthe's Secret Roses - by Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruthe's Secret Roses

Solutions Like Samson

It would be a worthy study to look at all the great men in the Bible and see how many have a story that begins before their conception, with an infertile mother. God delights in impossible births for the people He chooses to use most dramatically.

Couples with infertility problems can take heart from the life of Samson. An angel appeared to Manoah's wife, (she is not named) to explain to her that she was sterile, but she was going to conceive a son who would be a Nazirite, and would deliver Israel from the hands of the Philistines.

When she told Manoah, he promptly prayed that this angel would come again to tell them how to bring up this boy. He wasn't doubting, he just wanted more details.

Sure enough, the same angel came again to the woman while she was working in the fields, and she quickly excused herself to go get her husband.

Manoah first confirmed that this was the same one who had talked to his wife before, then he plunged in to ask for parenting rules.

The angel simply repeated the instructions already given to the wife.

Manoah accepted this and offered to prepare a young goat meal, and wanted to know his name.

The angel didn't want to be detained to eat, but said they could offer this meal to the Lord. Nor did he think they would understand his name.

When they set it before him, the angel rose up in the flames of the burning food and disappeared to heaven.

Only at this point did Manoah realize this had been an angel. Instantly he thought they were doomed to die.

"How can that be?" his common-sense wife asked. "Our offering was accepted, and we have instructions for caring for a son."

Could an angel visit happen to you?

If you're in an impossible situation, like infertility, and if you pray and trust God, it is quite likely God will choose you for a miracle, the birth of something wonderful to solve your problems, and those of others.

You are not likely to recognize the angel in the solution - just as Manoah didn't at first, but if you need help, check with your wife or a woman friend. She may have picked up on it.

Manoah and his wife visited by an angel

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