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Ruthe's Secret Roses - by Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruthe's Secret Roses

The Most Thrilling Angel Message of All Time

When Jesus the Christ was crucified, He could have called upon thousands and thousands of angels to be instantly there for His rescue. They could have wiped out Jesus' persecutors with one small blast of heavenly power. But He didn't call.

God held the angels back. Instead He raised Jesus from the dead on Easter morning! Then He gave the Angel of the Lord, the glad duty of telling the good news to Jesus' friends from the tomb. (See the last chapter of Matthew).

Since this angel told the women about Jesus being raised from the dead as He had foretold in the third person, I'm not sure if this is another instance of the Angel of the Lord being Christ Himself, as we saw in the old Testament stories, or whether this is Gabriel, the messenger angel.

Nevertheless, it is the most important event to Christians, for without a resurrected Saviour, our faith is but a fantasy. A dead Christ could not save us or take us to Heaven. Even Christians do not always seem to catch the greatness of this wonderful resurrection news.

I'm pondering here why for centuries we've made so much fuss over the birth of Christ, and neglected this greater cause for celebration.

Perhaps it's because almost everyone can respond to a poor, helpless baby. One doesn't have to be a Believer in the Son of God to do so. To agree that the resurrection of Christ happened implies that we agree He is the Son of God, and that Jesus really died for our sins.

Accepting the resurrection forces us to decide whether to reject him and carry on in our own ways, or to repent and confess we receive Him as our personal Saviour.

For those who choose the latter, Easter becomes the most wondrous fact of all history and our lives.

So why do I observe that many sincere believers still make a greater thing out of Christmas? I can only conclude that we are like sheep, and do like the majority around us without thinking. Christmas has its lovely traditions.

Think! This angel in the tomb had the most thrilling message of all time. Let's believe that too!

The angel at the door to the empty tomb of Jesus

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