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Ruthe's Secret Roses - by Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruthe's Secret Roses

Angels on Guard for You

Although not described as specific angelic encounters with humans, there are at least two passages in the Psalms, the Bible's song book, that give us a vivid word picture of what the angels are assigned to do for us.

Since it is David singing about these services, we can assume he must have experienced these, probably more than once while he was still a shepherd boy, but also during the years King Saul pursued him and sought to kill him, and maybe even in the years after that. David sure had life long battles with enemies, but God always helped him.

The first passage is in Psalm 34:6-7 David describes the time he feigned insanity before Abimelech, who drove him away. He sings, "This poor man called, and the LORD heard him; he saved him out of all his troubles. The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them."

In the very next Psalm David is asking God to contend with those who contend with him, and to fight against those who fight against him (David). He says, (vs.4-6), "May those who seek my life be disgraced and put to shame; may those who plot my ruin be turned back in dismay. May they be like chaff before the wind, with the angel of the LORD driving them away; may their path be dark and slippery, with the angel of the LORD pursuing them."

I believe God answered his prayer and David's enemies were blown away, with the angel of the LORD chasing them on his behalf.

From the first word picture I take it that the angel of the LORD, (remember in an earlier study we found that to refer to Christ), does not just come occasionally to assist us, but he camps around us, and is always at hand.

If we truly believe our Saviour is with us like that, and chases our enemies away on our behalf - if we believe that to the core of our soul and spirit - right to the center of our bones - it will give us a profound sense of security.

There is no need to fret over what others will do to us, or all the harm that might come to us.

Those that belong to the LORD God are protected. Christ Himself, is encamped nearby. When we ask Him to contend with those that contend with us, He will chase them away. What more could we ask?

a Guardian angel

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