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Ruthe's Secret Roses - by Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruthe's Secret Roses

The Angel with Answers

I'm not in Daniel's class when it comes to knowledge and wisdom, but we can learn to ask for explanations from God too, when we don't get it.

In the book of Daniel there are several places, where angel is not used, but a "man" is described who looks like an angel and who helps Daniel understand his dreams with meanings in chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12.

We won't go into the meanings of the colorful imagery in the vivid dreams, as that's too big a topic here. Suffice it to say they were awesome. Even Daniel with all his knowledge and wisdom, couldn't figure out the meanings.

In the first one about the four beasts symbolizing kingdoms, Daniel was extremely concerned and approached a man he saw in the vision to ask the true meaning of all this to be explained. The man did.

In the second one about the ram and goat with the very unusual horns, Daniel found himself before someone who looked like a man, but a voice from Heaven addressed the stranger as Gabriel and told him to explain the dream to Daniel. Gabriel did.

Chapter 9 tells of Daniel discovering the prophecy of Jeremiah relating to the current captivity of the Jews. He sees that the captivity will be over in 70 years, which is just up. The time is ready for their return to their homeland, so Daniel breaks into an earnest fasting prayer, confessing the sins of his people and asking for this promised deliverance.

While he is praying, Gabriel, the angel he'd met earlier, flew to him, and said he'd been sent in answer to his prayers. Gabriel explains a much longer timeline for history yet to come.

Daniel's life spanned the reigns of three Kings in Babylon, and in the third year of Cyrus, he was again fasting and praying at the river, when a man appeared in a vision, that was so stunning to look at, all those around Daniel fled.

The man, dressed in linen with a belt of fine gold, a body like chrysolite, eyes like flaming torches, and legs that gleamed like burnished bronze, also had a voice like a huge multitude. Daniel passed out, and this angel had to pick him up and give him strength to listen.

He assured Daniel that he was highly esteemed, and his prayers heard. In fact, he, Gabriel, had been sent from when Daniel started praying three weeks earlier, but he'd had to fight his way past the wicked evil prince of the air over Persia until the warrior angel, Michael, came to help him.

Then Gabriel explained the meaning or prophesies in the complicated dreams Daniel had just had, things that are happening and yet to happen in our future in 2004 and beyond.

Just think, God may be sending a messenger with answers to our prayers too, but we have to keep praying until that messenger can get past some spiritual war operations.

Don't give up! Gabriel may be on his way!

Daniel at the Tigris River encountering angels

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