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Why I Believe in Angels

by Elaine K. Stephen

There has been no time in my life when I have not believed in God Almighty and our Savior Jesus Christ. I have always believed there is life in heaven after death on earth. No matter how difficult life on earth has been or may be, I have always believed the answer to our problems will be found through our faith and our prayers. This is the backbone of my true Angel story . . .

When I was twelve years old my mother passed away. This was the most painful experience life has ever brought me. For the first year I was wandering around in a state of shock and sorrow. Every event that took place for the first time without my mother brought emotional pain and loneliness.

Coming home from school for the first time to a locked front door, driving to church for the first time without my mother in the front seat, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, summer vacation, the list goes on and on. I found my strength to go on through daily prayer and from knowing that my mother was a good Christian woman on earth and from believing that she was now in heaven. As we often say, life goes on for the living. With the reoccurrence of life events and natural maturing, I accepted my mother's passing and enjoying life became easier.

Eventually I fell in love and was engaged to be married. At first, this was a very joyous time for me. But as my future husband and I began planning our wedding and the wedding date drew closer, I began to feel the pain of my mother's absence all over again. Everyone I knew had their mother at their side to help them plan their wedding and dream about their future. This was a major stepping stone in my life. I felt cheated and angry. I felt like there was a big empty hole in my heart that was filling up with sorrow.

I began to wonder how I would walk down the aisle happy and at peace instead of sad and in tears. I began to fear I would ruin what should be one of the happiest days of my and my fiance's lives and bring sorrow to our family and friends as well.

As always, I prayed daily to Jesus Christ and God Almighty. I asked for the wisdom to make the right choices in all that I do for my family, friends and myself. Now I was asking for the anger and sorrow to be lifted away and replaced with joy and peace of mind and heart. I so wanted to start my married life off on a happy note for everyone's sake.

One Sunday afternoon I was discussing my fears of ruining our wedding day with my fiance. Of course he tried to comfort me and reassure me as best he could. Then I closed my eyes and began to pray very fervently, meditatively. Out of the darkness from far away a flowing, glowing light slowly drew closer and brighter. From within it my mother's face appeared and I heard her voice. She said she couldn't stay very long but she wanted to tell me she would be with me at my wedding, that she was always with me and always would be with me, sharing my life with me in my heart. Then slowly her face and the glowing, flowing light became smaller as it moved away from me until it disappeared.

My eyes jolted open. Words can not explain the exuberant feeling of joy, peace and love I felt. My spirit was so revitalized my body actually tingled. Words excitedly burst from my mouth as I explained to my husband what had just happened. Jesus Christ and God Almighty had indeed answered my repeated prayers. I was visited by my mother's spirit from heaven. I was visited by an Angel!

I walked down the aisle on my wedding day filled with happiness. I was loved and at peace because Jesus Christ and God Almighty were with me and so was my mother and so it shall always be.

Skeptics may say I fell asleep and dreamed about my mother because I wanted to or because I needed to. I know better. I have dreamed about my mother many times previous to her visitation and many times since then. When I dream about my mother I wake up well aware of the fact that I had been sleeping and dreaming. In my dreams my mother has a human body and the dreams are like watching life like movies. Although my mother is present in some of my dreams, there is no appearing, no bright flowing light, no disappearing and she never speaks.

Although I did not ask Jesus Christ or God Almighty to prove their existence, the reality of life in heaven after death on earth or the existence of Angels to me, just a few moments in prayer provided all the proof I could ever need. So when ever life hands me problems, I pray and wait and pray some more, because I know when the time is right my prayers will be answered in the way that our Lord and Savior chooses.


Elaine is a stay at home Mom of a beautiful 8 month old boy whom she and her husband are in the process of adopting. She owns and operates. Angel Cloud Gifts

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