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The Message

by Herbert Lehmann

My beloved wife passed away in 1988 after an illness of twelve years. Because of her suffering and her great character, I firmly believe that she was in a better of light and refreshment, but I had fears and doubts that nagged me.

One day at mass, I very earnestly prayed to our Lord to allow her to give me some signal that she was happy. It was one of those conversations with God that you sometimes knew was different.

Anway, I forgot about my plea and as I left my pew at the end of mass to genuflect, a woman came up to me and said simply, "Your wife is in heaven now." Then she spun around and left.

At first I paid little attention to the remark, but on a second or two reflection it hit me. "My God, there's her message!" For the life of me I cannot recall the woman's face, which tied in with the notation that angels stay out of the lime-light as much as possible.

And I'm now firmly convinced that it was my wife's signal through an angel, not some parishioner trying to console me. For instance, she didn't say, "I used to see you with your wife," or anything similar. It was just a statement of fact; "Your wife is in heaven now," and she left.

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