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Angel in the Middle of Nowhere

by Jill Songer

My husband Randy and I both feel that he had a visit from his guardian angel when Randy was in an automobile accident. Randy's angel appeared to him in the form of an older black gentleman prior to the arrival of the ambulance. He told Randy not to move, that he was injured. Then he asked if Randy believed in God, to which he replied, "Yes."

Then his angel asked if he could pray for Randy and his reply was, "Please do."

At first Randy could understand the words, but then the angel began speaking a language which he had never heard. The reason we feel that this was a guardian angel, and not just a passer-by, is because this wreck took place in a very remote area with no houses or businesses close by, there was no car or bicycle that he was using, and the people who were driving the car that ran into Randy also saw "a man" talking to Randy beside his car -- and then he was gone -- they don't know how he got there or how he left.

This took place at 6:30 a.m. and the man was not dressed like someone out for a morning jog.

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