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Lost Wallet Recovered

by Rosalie Adams

There were two instances in 1980, about three months apart, where I was blessed by the presence of angels. As a child I slept in a bedroom in my grandmother's home that had a large, rather ornately framed portrait of a guardian angel guiding two small children as they crossed a bridge that was rather dangerous due to missing planks. I saw it just before I went to sleep at night and again as I awoke in the morning.

So, I was aware very early of my guardian angel, but had no experience as I grew up until 1980, when I was in Europe. It happened in late September of 1980. I had crossed the English Channel and was in the railroad station in Amsterdam. It was early Sunday morning and I attempted to change some money. I was bumped rather hard to my right.

When I recovered I immediately noticed that my wallet, which was on the ledge at the window, was missing. I knew what had happened as the Amsterdam rail station was notorious for pickpockets.

I whirled around and almost bumped into an incredible presence. The police officer was easily over six feet tall. His uniform was immaculate, as though he had stepped out of a uniform shop. He was blond and blue-eyed. He asked me what had happened and I told him I had changed money at the window and someone had bumped into me and had lifted my wallet off the ledge at the window.

He said he would take care of it and told me not to worry. It was Sunday and I had lost all but my airline tickets. My traveler's checks, credit cards and passport were gone.

I was devastated. I stumbled to the main post office to report the loss to my parents by phone. I expected to hear some needed suport that I could handle it. As I left the post office, I was urged to return to the rail station and blindly followed my direction. I was hearing a gentle voice. I returned and I went to the second floor of the police station to report the loss. The office on duty asked if I had been to "lost and found" on the first floor and I said no, because the wallet had been stolen, not lost. He in- structed me to go and when I arrived at the window I was shocked by what I saw on the ledge behind the glass -- my wallet. I rang the bell and they came to the window. I told them they had my wallet. I identified what I had in it, believing that what they may have had was the wallet only. When they pushed the wallet through the window I was shocked again, because it contained my traveler's checks, my credit cards and my passport. The only missing item was five Dutch guilders, (about twenty cents US). My knees buckled, and after a few minutes to gain my composure, I went back upstairs to the police station to report I had my wallet back. It was my intention to thank the police officer who had helped me. When I arrived, the duty officer was now accompanied by two other officers. I explained what had happened and he was very surprised. I told him I wanted to thank the officer who I had spoken to when the theft happened. He pointed to the other officers and said, "We are the only officers assigned to this detachment. There is no officer of that description."

I was again shocked because I realized that I had been assisted by an angel. Several weeks later I was in bed and some time early in the morning I was awakened by intense light in the room as if someone had turned on several photographer's lamps.

I looked, and seated on the chest, which was at the side of my bed, was an image of unbelievable beauty. It had flowing garments that were long enough to flow down the side of the chest, long sleeves and a sort of wimple or cowl on its head. (I say it because I am uncertain about gender. I believe angels to be heavenly spirits who are able to take human form if need be, but in their natural form are without gender.)

I heard nothing in my room, but I saw only the angelic form and the brilliant light that filled the room. I was frightened and pulled the sheet over my head. When I did so the light suddenly disappeared and the room was again dark. These two instances have been forever impressed in my mind and heart. They give me hope and assurance of God's presence even in times of great distress.

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