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Invisible Hands

by Darcy S. Jenkins-Holick

In my seventh grade physical education class we were working on a gymnastics unit and I was jumping on a trampoline. One of my spotters (behind me) walked away only for a moment.

In that brief moment, I lost my balance and was falling in a backward direction very fast and out of control. The biggest fear I had was hitting my head on the bleachers behind me, which were still open from the previous night's basketball game.

I knew without hesitation that I was headed for them head first. I knew my neck would break and, at best, I would suffer serious head injuries.

It was the most bizarre thing. All of a sudden, out of no-where, really out of nowhere, hands grabbed me gently yet firmly from behind, under my arms and stood me up directly in a standing position stopped.

All I remember was not how lucky I was to have not collided into the open bleachers, but how on earth I was able to stop that immediately. What was even more bizarre was that no one around seemed to have noticed the incident at all. I was more shaken by the unexplained stop than by the incident itself.

Something saved me from a terrific fall. I was grateful and still am to this day.

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