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Dog Delays

by Sylvia M.

My brother, Mark, and his wife, Kathy, were traveling from Tennessee back to Georgia with their children and their daughter's three visiting friends. Since the van was cramped, they stopped often so everyone could stretch their legs and get something cold to drink.

At one point they stopped at a convenience store for a few moments, and when they came out, there was a beautiful golden retriever standing next to their car. They had not noticed him when they went into the store. When they opened the doors to get in, the dog climbed right in the car!

They had to really coax him to get him out. And then, after he got out, he walked around to the back of the car and plopped himself down on the pavement! Since Mark had to back up to get out of the parking space, they tried to get the dog to move and managed to get him away from the car but only by a few feet. While Kathy directed, Mark pulled forwards and backwards several times to get the right angle to get around the dog and out of the parking space.

When they were finally able to pull out, Kathy got back in the car and remarked on what had happened. As they were getting back on the road, they noticed that the dog very casually walked back toward the store. Mark made the comment, "Wouldn't it be strange if we found that there was an accident down the road?" He had hardly finished the words, when they realized that there HAD indeed been an accident. If they had been on the road any sooner, they might have been involved in a multi-car accident.

This experience convinced them that this dog had detained them just long enough to miss the accident. My brother remarked that this dog must have been their "Guardian Angel" sent to protect them that day. The friends of my niece couldn't wait to get back home to tell their families about the "Angel Dog".

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