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Dialysis Patient Cared for by Two Angels

by Jean Weaver, Florida

My husband, a kidney dialysis patient, once had a bad auto wreck and spent 28 days in the hospital. He was often disoriented and afraid.

One day after I had spent from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with him at the hospital, I came home in very low spirits because he was having such a difficult time. I prayed, asking God to please send the Holy Spirit to comfort him. The next day at the hospital, I sat by my husband's bed and he told me that he didn't stay at the hospital during the night.

I asked where he went, and he told me that two people came and they took him to their place, fed him and took care of him. He said he'd been cold and they gave him a warm blue jacket to wear. After that, he told me several times about these people who took care of him.

He remembered it all quite vividly, although he couldn't remember much of anything otherwise. I feel sure that God answered my prayer, sending two angels to minister unto him.

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