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Angel Smiles

By Joseph J. Mazzella (joecool@wirefire.com)

I have had a day full of angel smiles today and it isn't even noon yet. The one I got from the beautiful girl in the wheelchair made my whole morning brighter. It had a joy in it that flowed right from her lovely soul and into mine. The one I got from the baby boy in his Mother's arms was so sweet.

It had only two teeth, but was accompanied with a waving hand and sparkling eyes that caused my own eyes to sparkle with delight as well. The one I got from the kind, old gentleman warmed my heart with its caring. It made his weathered and winkled face seem more handsome than any model's and reminded me that happiness can shine all the way to your last breath and your last smile.

There were many others as well. It seemed like each person I passed today was a joyous angel in disguise with a smile to share with me. Each one made me smile even more myself until my soul was filled with peace and my heart sang with joy.

I am sure too that all the unseen angels around me were smiling this morning as well. I am sure that they were smiling when they saw the warmth, kindness, love, caring, and happiness that were passed along from smiling face to smiling face and from joyous soul to joyous soul. I am sure that they were smiling when they saw the light of God shining so brightly and being shared in so many lives this morning.

I hope that you have a glorious day full of angel smiles today and everyday of your life. I hope that you see the wonderful love, gentle caring, beautiful peace, and glorious joy behind each one of them. I hope too that you smile back at all those special angels in disguise. It is, after all, our love, our joy, our laughter, and our smiles that help us all to be Children of God and one with the angels.

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