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Angel on the Right Path

by Catherine Hall

Just a few weeks ago I was driving my car to work, which takes me 30 minutes. The weather was nasty, but I kept plowing on. I knew that my tires were worn some, so it didn't surprise me when I started to slide off the road. It actually felt like I was being pulled.

I lost control of the car, and going downhill added speed, which made things worse. I did everything I could think of to gain control but there was no use. I kept going off the road and on the road and then found myself on the opposite side of the road, (sideways). When I looked up, a huge white tractor trailer was headed right toward me. I cried out in despair, "God help me!" All of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, I was aligned, pretty as you please, straight in my lane, just like I was supposed to be. It was almost like a dream, it happened so fast. The truck driver didn't stop or even blow his horn, almost it didn't even happen.

Well, let me tell you, I started to cry and I bawled like a baby, thanking God Almighty for sparing my life once again. I felt numb, but then again peaceful, even though I went very slowly the rest of the way to work. I told everyone that I came in contact with that day.

I know within my heart and soul that I had a guardian angel that day, maybe even several, to move my heavy car.

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